The Sage brand has been synonymous with quality fly rods since its inception in the early 80s. Since then, it has diversified its branding and has charged full steam ahead into the fly-fishing retail market with the addition of a full range of fly reels, apparel, and accessories. In the summer of 2018, Sage brand will undergo its newest brand expansion. Sage is officially in the lodge business—well, sort of.

To the uninitiated, the announcement of the new Sage Lodge, located on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Pray, Montana, might not have any obvious associations—aside from their corresponding monikers—but the name is not just a happy coincidence.

The Joshua Green Corporation (JGC), a major stakeholder in the Far Bank Enterprises brands (Redington, RIO, and SAGE), released the following statement in an October press release:

“Sage Lodge truly speaks the language of adventure seekers and those looking to be inspired by the great outdoors,” said Stan McCammon, president and CEO of the JGC. “The Green family, now in its sixth generation, is comprised of fly fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, and this magnificent property will offer endless opportunities for generations of families, friends and the community to enjoy.”

While this development is interesting, it’s not obvious at this point if it will have any influence on other lodge models, or if other dominant brands in the retail landscape of our sport will follow suit, but it is a topic that we will be monitoring in the future.

For now, we will keep our eye on Sage Lodge and see what developments or reports follow its 2018 grand opening.

We reached out to Sage Lodge and its general manager, Paul Robertson, with a few questions, and he took the time to respond and to tell us a little more about the lodge, its associations, and future operations.

Can you talk a little about the Sage lodge and its affiliation with the Sage brand?

Through a partnership with Sage Fly Fishing, Sage Lodge will offer guests a multitude of fly-fishing experiences, including guided excursions to the best fly-fishing locations in Paradise Valley, Southwest Montana, and Yellowstone National Park, as well as instruction and education. Much of the lodge concept and design was inspired by Sage Fly Fishing and the passionate following of the brand, while also being inviting and comfortable for guests of all kinds.

Does this brand affiliation mean that the lodge will serve as an exclusive outfitter for the Far Bank (Redington, RIO, and Sage) brands and gear in any way?

One of the many objectives of Sage Lodge is to support the outdoors and hospitality industries in the valley, and the many wonderful businesses in the region.  There will be no exclusive partnerships—we look forward to working with a variety of outfitters and different purveyors of experiences and retail items from a wide range of adventurers. We will also be proud to carry an array of products from Redington, RIO and Sage.

Will the lodge be employing its very own guiding staff for fly-fishing trips?

No, we are excited to partner with a variety of local outfitters in the region to offer the most diverse fly-fishing experiences to our guests.

Do you know what rivers will be available for guests to fish?

One of the reasons Sage Lodge is located where it is, in the beautiful Paradise Valley, is because there is a large offering of fishable waters year-round. Our guests will have access to the Yellowstone River, the endless river options that Southwest Montana has to offer (Gallatin, Madison, etc.), as well as rivers within Yellowstone National Park and a variety of other options. We will also offer our guests access to private spring creeks and other still waters around the region.

Will there be float and wading trips available?

Yes, we will have a robust offering of fly-fishing experiences for beginners or advanced anglers, and everything in between. These will include float and wading experiences, or a combination of both. We will also be partnering with Sage Fly Fishing on education programs and a variety of other programming for our guests or the public to join.

As I understand it, the lodge owns 1,200 acres of property on the Yellowstone; will there be water designated “Private” or “Sage Lodge Only”?

We are located on over a mile of Yellowstone riverfront, but none of the Yellowstone is private. There is a large private casting pond on the property, but the main goal is to be a launch pad to the world-class fishing around us. Our passion is to get more people exploring and appreciating the outdoors and share our love of the sport of fly fishing with everyone.

You can find more information about Sage Lodge on their website at, and if you book a trip in 2018 or beyond, be sure to send us a report!


February 2018  -7-  Volume 31, Number 2

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