Foundation for the Future

This summer, I spent a significant amount of time addressing the questions of young people who are starting their careers or who are contemplating the appropriate course of study at college.  Perhaps this is in part because I have a daughter entering her second year of college and another who is a junior in high […]

Foundation to Long-Term Investing

“We invest for the long-term,” or “we have a longer-term investment horizon than other investors,” are examples of statements made by many capital providers as they vie to invest in new opportunities. It is unusual, and perhaps unique, to encounter an investor who is willing to admit to being a “short-term” investor, which might equate […]

Living Our Values

“Most business problems require common sense rather than legal reference. They require good judgment and honesty of purpose rather than reference to the courts.” Edward N. Hurley My most recent missive included survey data stating business leaders are viewed poorly by a large majority of its surveyed population [see “Business has a PR Problem”]. That […]

Business Has a PR Problem

This recent electoral season has me reflecting on several issues of concern. One area that I continually come back to is the genuine disdain that many people seemingly have for politicians, members of the media and business leaders. I am most concerned about that last group. A Pew Research Center poll conducted last summer surveyed […]